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Rajkumar Seeds was founded in 1970 by Late Rajendra Prasad Sahu. Since the beginning, the main focus of RAJKUMAR SEEDS has been to serve Indian farmers with a high quality product, at the right time for their agricultural and climatic conditions. This allows our customers to have a reliable and high quality seed to improve their productivity.

We learned about seed business and genetics from our founder , who is very well-known for his work in the improvement of quality of vegetable seeds and their introduction to the indian local Market in the mid ‘70s.

The Rajkumar seeds has been extensively involved with farming activities and has specialized in the seed business since the mid ‘70s. Rajendra Prasad Sahu, the founder, a small farmer from the Bihar province of india, it was his support and spirit of innovation that contributed to their early activities in seeds. His love and passion for cauliflower plant breeding introduced the family to the world of vegetable seeds , and his primary goal was to supply indian farmers with higher quality seeds, incorporating the more advanced technology.

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Our team comprises seasoned professionals with deep expertise in seed manufacturing. We continually invest in research and innovation to produce superior seed products.

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We maintain rigorous quality standards to ensure that you receive only the finest, genetically pure seeds. We take pride in the consistently high germination rates of our seeds.

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We're not just in the business of seed manufacturing; we're in the business of growing the future. Together, we sow the seeds of a greener, more prosperous world.


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